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Ubiquitous emotion sensing is coming

Updated: Oct 30, 2018

The dream of being able to understand what people are feeling as they move through their days and their lives is becoming a reality.

Passive Measurement Means Big Data

Wearable emotion sensors are being developed at an astonishing pace, including EEG sensors placed in headgear, electro-dermal sensors placed in Fitbit-type bracelets, and others, all available to be linked to passively collected smartphone data on movement and location.

This provides the near-term promise of being able to accurately and continuously measure the emotional state of populations as they encounter either the joys or hardships of daily life. This will prove invaluable to city planners and architects, and more broadly to designers of user experiences in a variety of environments (think museums, airports, shopping malls, hospitals – use your imagination). The emotion revolution has begun!

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